Hiya! Remember me?

I don’t want to say it’s been a while since I last posted, but I am guessing it isn’t a good sign that I had trouble remembering my username and password. . . Oops!

The good news is that I am back, and it has been a long and exciting road since I last wrote.  I planned and hosted the New York State History Day contest, which we held here in Cooperstown way back in May.  It was the largest state contest we’ve ever had with 410 students, and it basically took over the entire village.  No, that’s not hyperbole. We DID take over the whole village!  We sold out all the hotels, packed the restaurants, and judged entries in every nook and cranny we could find between NYSHA, the Fenimore Art Museum, The Farmers’ Museum, the Otesaga Hotel and Resort, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  (Oooh, I have to again give a big THANK YOU! to the Hall of Fame for extending complimentary admissions to all History Day students and their families on the contest day.  Is that totally generous and cool or what?) 

Once the state contest was done, I was off and running to coordinate the trip to the National Contest, which was held in College Park, MD last week.  That History Day Guy did a great job posting every day about his experience during the event.  Check out his blog here: http://historydayguy.wordpress.com/   I spent a lot of that week helping the NHD staff with tasks to keep everything running smoothly.  I am not sure that I wasn’t more trouble than I was worth at times, but the NHD staff did a great job putting up with Tobi “Um, I have a quick question” Voigt for four days. 🙂 .  It was amazing to see how much work goes into hosting a contest with roughly 2,500 participants.  Eeek!!!! 

So, you may ask, what’s next?  Well, I am excited to jump into planning for next year’s program.  I hope to spend a lot of time this summer putting together new student and parent resources. I also want to develop some helpful materials for those of you who want to do web site entries.  I have a lot of ideas I want to share with you all regarding next year’s theme, but I think I will wait until we get closer to the new school year before I start that.  Just make sure you check here every now and then.

Congrats to everyone on another great school year.  Have a great summer!   


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