Resource Madness!

This post has a dual purpose.  First, I want to share this awesome list of PBS resources that was just sent my way.  Jenny Bradbury from PBS created an amazing list of historical topics that relate to this year’s theme, Conflict and Compromise in History.  And the best part is she also gives links to more information about the topics on the website!  I got so excited that I took the whole thing and put it on our website.  (It is just so darn big that I can’t post it here.)  You can find it at:

The second part of this email is to let you know where I got the list.  The National History Day office (specifically Ann Claunch, the curriculum director) maintains a great list-serv for teachers.  (Sorry students, this isn’t for you.  Try our Facebook group instead!)  It is a forum where teachers can ask questions about the program and get really good answers from the National office, from state and regional coordinators, and from other teachers.  A few of the most popular discussions lately have been about the new web site category and how to incorporate this year’s theme into student work.  The list-serv is a great resource.  I love that it doesn’t clutter up my inbox.  Ann is very good at grouping responses, so I only get two or three emails a day at most.  And everything I have read has been very enlightening and helpful.  If you are interested in joining the H-HistoryDay list-serv, go to this website:

 Have a great weekend everyone!


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