I Love New York!

As much as I love the rural bliss of Cooperstown, I sure do love to spend time in New York City.  And I enjoy NYC all the more when History Day is involved, which happened to be the fortunate reason for my visit there this week.

Last night was the New York City History Day Celebration and Launch Event.  Franny and Joanna at the Museum of the City of New York hosted over 100 teachers, parents and students to celebrate the successes of last year and launch this year’s History Day program.  Not only did attendees get to see History Day projects, but they also heard the educators, teachers, and students talk about their experiences with the program.  One of my favorite moments from the event was when a student said, “We ended up learning more than we needed.  But that’s OK.  Gaining additional knowledge is not a bad thing.”

I loved everything the students said.  Some shared how motivating the competition aspect of the program is. (And yes, they also talked about how incredibly nerve-wrecking the competition can be. 🙂 )  Others shared how their projects connected them to family histories they hadn’t previously known about.  Most talked about how the program has changed them for the better, and a couple pondered why they’d been so successful in competition.  I wish I had thought to bring a video camera.  The students words were so profoundly amazing!  Each student was eloquent and motivating. 

I love that Franny and Joanna put on this event.  I have come to depend on it as my official motivational launch into the new program year.  And while I am on the subject, can I just say that Franny Kent and Joanna Steinberg are doing some amazing things with History Day in New York City?  I really am in awe of how they are building the positive momentum of History Day in the city.  They’ve reached out to educators and administrators, gained new sponsorship and funding, and continue to put on phenomenal teacher workshops and a top-rate contest.  (They had 304 students compete at their contest last year.  That’s HUGE!)  So my kudos and respect go out to Franny, Joanna, and the Museum of the City of New York for truly creating a model National History Day program.


2 Responses to “I Love New York!”

  1. 1 HDGUY October 7, 2007 at 12:57 pm

    so where is it you stayed in the City?

  2. 2 historydaygal October 12, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    I tell ya, Hotwire.com is a great website. If you don’t mind having no clue where you are going to stay until AFTER you pay, it’s the way to go. They get super discount rates on unsold rooms. So I got to stay at a posh 4-star boutiquey hotel on the Upper West Side for cheap. . .

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